Already or All ready?


What’s the difference between those two?

Already and All ready.

“All ready” refers to a state of readiness.

Example: They were all ready to go.
In case of a single person, we can remove ‘all’ and we can simply say:

“Are you ready?”


“Already” means before some given time.

Example: They were already packed and ready to go when he arrived.


Few more examples for ‘already and all ready’

1) I have already read that book.
2) The bus was all ready waiting for us.
3) We packed and were all ready to go.
4) Are we all ready?
5) I am ready for school.
6) He has already made up his mind.
7) I have already voted.
8) I already know that there is no such word as “alright”
9) We are right when we say, “We are all ready to go”
10) I have learned something already.
11) Please be all ready when I arrive.
12) Dinner has already been served.
13) Are you all ready for dinner?
14) We are all ready to sit down for dinner.
15) The storm has already arrived.
16) Are you all ready for snow?
17) Ambernath station has already passed.
18) The bus is already here.
19) Please be all ready When I arrive to pick you up after school.
20) I hope you have already completed this exercise.


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