I’m gonna + (verb)

He / She / It + is gonna + Verb
We / You / They + are gonna + Verb

The word ‘gonna’ is incorrect grammatically.
The proper grammar would be ‘going to.’ When using the word ‘gonna’ you are telling someone what you are planning to do at that moment or in the future.

Here are some examples:

I’m gonna have some coffee. (I am going to have some coffee)

I’m gonna go to work. (I am going to go to work)

I’m gonna eat some cake. (I am going to eat some cake)

I’m gonna send out my resume. (I am going to send out my resume)

I’m gonna run a marathon. (I am going to run a marathon)

I’m gonna ask her out for a dinner. (I am going to ask her out for a dinner)

I’m gonna stop smoking. (I am going to stop smoking)

I’m gonna help my friends. (I am going to help my friends)

I’m gonna take swimming lessons. (I am going to take swimming lessons)

I’m gonna read a book. (I am going to read a book)


She is gonna swim now. (She is going to swim now)

He is gonna take you to the party. (He is going to take you to the party)

It is gonna work properly. (It is going to work properly)

Ram is gonna apply for this job. (Ram is going to apply for this job)

Sheetal is gonna borrow some money from her sister. (Sheetal is going to borrow some money from her sister)

They are gonna buy something today.

We are gonna spend some quality time.

You are gonna sing tonight.


He is gonna talk to her today. (He is going to talk to her today)

He will talk to her today. (Simple Future Tense)



He isn’t gonna talk to her.

It isn’t gonna fly properly.

Ram isn’t gonna tell her anything.

They aren’t gonna do anything.

We aren’t gonna fly to America.



Is he gonna talk to the boss today?

Is Ram gonna go out for a shopping?

Is Sita gonna tell me a story?

Are children gonna listen to you?

Are they gonna have dinner with you tonight?


Negative Interrogatives:

Isn’t he gonna ask me anything?

Isn’t it gonna fly high?

Isn’t Ram gonna attend the seminar?

Aren’t you gonna take any medicines?

Aren’t they gonna settle in India?


Wh Questions:

Who is gonna tell her about that presentation?

What is he gonna do with it?

Where are they gonna stay tomorrow?

Why are we gonna complete our work?

Which stories are we gonna narrate?

Whose parents are gonna invite me?


That’s it, have a happy learning 🙂

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