We are often confused while using ‘TO’ and ‘TOO’ in a sentence. Let’s try to understand both in simple ways with examples. 

To: (Preposition)

1)  A preposition of movement.

I will take my bike to a service center. 

He may visit to hospital tomorrow. 

She goes to school everyday. 

2) It says about the end point of a time period. 

She works from 9 to 5. 

I waited for her at the bus stand from 5 to 8 in the evening. 

She had offered me a job and said, “you are to work from 10am to 6pm”

3) Identifies a person affected or receiving something. 

Can you give this pen to Sheetal please?

I must handover this project to maam before the submission dates. 

Give these keys to Shyam please. 

4) Used to show a change of state, condition or quality.

We waited for him to change his clothes from casuals to formals. 

Let me change this colour from red to green now. 

The milk has turned to yogurt after fermentation. 

5) TO + Verb (Infinitive)

He loves to eat junk food outside. 

They need to work hard for the submissions. 

You keep this watch to check the time during exams. 


Now let’s learn to use ‘TOO’.

1) More than expected. 

These shoes are too big for me. 

He was riding his bike too fast. 

2) Talks about something which is in excessive amount. 

I can’t leave office early; I have got too much work to do. 

There are too many books in the library. 

Too much: Uncountable noun

Too many: Countable noun

3) Too = also = in addition

I was tired and my friend was too. 

(My friend was also tired.)

She was hungry and her sister was too. 

(Her sister was also hungry.)

I had non veg and he too had it with me. 

(He also had non veg with me.)




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