Rule 1:  Over is used in the sense of ‘resting on the surface of somebody/ something and completely covering them.’

Examples:  Please spread the cloth over the table.

                     She put a blanket over the sleeping child.

                     He wore and overcoat over his suit.

                     She put her hand over her mouth to stop herself from screaming.

                     He placed his handkerchief over his cell phone.

                     They spread sheets over the Cricket pitch to avoid it from getting wet. 

                     You have placed some pieces of clothes over the boxes.

Rule 2: Over is used in the sense of ‘In or to a position higher than something without touching the surface.’

                     The clouds are over our heads.

                     The plane is flying over the town.

                     They held a large umbrella over her.

                     There was a lamp hanging over the table.

                     He threw a ball over my head. 

                     Many birds went flying over our terrace.

Rule 3: Over is used in the sense of ‘all over’.

                     English is spoken all over the world.  (Here all over the world means every part of the world.)

                     He has his business all over the country. (Here all over the country means every part of the country.)

                     It is raining all over the town today. 

                     There were papers lying around all over the place. 

Rule 4: Over is used in the sense of ‘more than a particular time, amount, cost etc.’

                    Ramesh is over forty. (The age of Ramesh is more than forty.)

                    His income is not over his expenses. (His income is not over his expenses.)

                    Over 3 million copies sold. 

                     Satish stayed in the U.S. for over a month. 

Rule 5: Over is used in the sense of ‘finish’.

                     The college is over at 4 p.m.

                     My task is over; what do I do next?

                     It is over, replace it with a new one. 

Rule 6: Over is used in the sense of ‘from one side of something to the other or across something.’

                    There is a bridge over the river. 

                    They ran over the grass. 

                     He was lying over the bench in the evening.    

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