List of some uncommon idiomatic expressions.

1) A bolt from the blue / A bolt out of the blue

This expression is used to refer to a sudden and unexpected event.

2) Have shot your bolt

When you have shot your bolt, you have done everything possible but still not succeeded.

3) Make a bolt for

When you make a bolt for the door, you try to escape by running towards the door.

4) Keep body and soul together

To keep body and soul together is to survive in very difficult circumstances.

5) A bomb

If something costs a bomb, it costs a large sum of money.

6) Go like a bomb

To go like a bomb is to become very successful or to move very fast.

7) Bone of contention

If something is a bone of contention, it is a source of continuing disagreement.

8) Close to the bone

If a remark hits close to the bone, it is accurate to the point of causing discomfort.

If a joke or a story is close to the bone, it is near the limit of decency.

9) Have a bone to pick with

If you have a bone to pick with someone, you have a reason to quarrel with them.

10) Make no bones about

If you make no bones about something, you are direct in dealing with it.

11) Work your fingers to the bone

To work your fingers to the bone is to work very hard.

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