Emphatic Tenses.


Emphatic means saying something forcibly and clearly. Emphatic tenses gives more stress

on the expressions.

There are three different sentences which use Emphatic expression. 

  1. Simple Present Tense:

He does attend the class regularly.  (Singular)

They do practise very hard every Saturday and Sunday.  (Plural)


      2. Simple Past Tense:

We did play a lot of Cricket last week. 


       3. Imperative sentences. (Command or an order.)

Do inform him about his last phone call. 

Do write a letter to your mother tomorrow. 

Following are the examples: 

Indian workers do work hard. (Plural ‘do’)

The cow does eat grass. (Singular ‘does’)

Your buffalo does give milk.

You do love your country.

Veena does sing a  song.

I do go to college to achieve knowledge.

He does learn how to ride a bicycle.

The poll does start tomorrow.

He did kill a tiger.

A fire did break out.

Ram did help Shyam.

The government did help the poor.

Ram did reign in Ayodhya.

He did have a golden chain.

Do try to help me.

Please do speak the truth.

You do have peace.

He did have a motorcar.

You did have a great chance of winning.

He does have an apple.

They do have enemies.

Aditi does dance well.

The hen did lay eggs.

Do work hard.

The sun does rise in the east.

He die raise his hands in prayers.

Please do lay the table.

They did hang the pictures on the wall.

He did finish the work yesterday.

Sita does have two sons.

He does have courage.

He did have an ox.

Do switch off the light.

He does teach her.

He does recite the poems.

The Indians did win the match.

Most people did oppose this.

Do open the door.

Do help your neighbours.

Kindly do post the letters.

Do take your chair, please.

Please do sit down.

Do give him a warning.

Do put out the light.

Please do enter by this door.

Do advertise the post.

Do feed the poor.

I did make him weep.

He did offer me a chair.

We did elect him as our new leader.


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