Basic English Lesson!

Use of “am / is / are” in conversations. 

I am an engineer. 

This is a motorcycle. 

This is a scooter. 

That is the Taj hotel. 

This is our house. 

That is also our house. 

His name is Ram. 

This is my aunt. 

That is a girl.

This is a chair.

This is a table. 

This table is old. 

This is a computer. 

This is my watch. 

Rajesh is my friend. 

He is my brother. 

Sheetal is my sister. 

She is a beautiful girl. 

I am a boy. 

He is a student. 

They are my friends. 

You are a girl. 

This is a door. 

You are a fool.

These are my books.

That is a telephone.

These are books.

That is a telephone.

These are books.

This is a stove.

He is a thief.

He is an honest man.



He is not my friend.

Ram is not my bother. 

I am not a boy.

She is not a girl. 

They are not happy.

You are not sad.

I am not asleep.

Ram is not guilty.

They are not sportsmen.

We are not students.



Is he a player?

Is she a beautiful woman?

Is Ram guilty?

Am I happy?

Are you a good writer?

Are we doctors?

Am I am teaching?

Is this my pen?

Are they my friends?

Is he my brother?

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