1. Adjectives of Quality / Descriptive Adjectives: 

It shows the kind or a quality of a person, animal or any thing. 

For example: 

      2. Adjectives of Quantity. 

It shows how much of a particular thing is. 

For example: 

      3. Adjectives of Number / Numeral Adjectives 

It shows how many persons, things are meant or in what order a person or thing stands.

For example: 

   Numeral Adjectives are of three kinds. 

i) Definite numeral Adjectives: (which explains the exact number)

ii) Indefinite Numeral Adjectives: (which does not show the exact number)

iii) Distributive Numeral Adjectives: (which refer to each one of a number)

   4. Demonstrative Adjectives

It shows which person or a thing is meant. 

Demonstrative Adjectives answer the question: Which?

What, Which and Whose, mean they are used with nouns to ask questions.

What manner of man is he?

Which way shall we go?

Whose book is this?


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