Question Tags. 

Following are the contraction forms, or shortened forms to make Question Tags.

do + not = don’t                                                                     will + not = won’t

does + not = doesn’t                                                              can + not = cannot

did + not = didn’t                                                                   should + not = shouldn’t

am I not  = aren’t                                                                   would + not = wouldn’t                

is + not = isn’t                                                                         could + not = couldn’t

are + not = aren’t                                                                    may + not = mayn’t

has + not = hasn’t                                                                   might + not = mightn’t 

have + not = haven’t                                                              ought + not = oughtn’t

had + not = hadn’t                                                                  must + not = mustn’t  

was + not + wasn’t                                                                  need + not = needn’t

were + not = weren’t                                                             shall + not = shan’t


Ram is going to Jaipur, isn’t he?

Jayesh is cooking, isn’t he?

He goes to office, doesn’t he?

They don’t play football, do they?

It is not correct, is it?

It is true, isn’t it?

This is his pen, isn’t it?

These are animals, aren’t they?

That is his house, isn’t it?

Those aren’t birds, are they?

One man can pull it, can’t he?

This girl was present there, wasn’t she?

This is book isn’t very useful, is it?

That boy has no manners, has he?

This boy won the race, didn’t he?

Those books are mine, aren’t they?

None can say so, can they?

No one voted against the party, did they?

Someone invited me, didn’t they?

Somebody will be there, won’t they?

Anyone can attend the function, can’t they?

Nobody has praised the move, have they?

Everything is arranged, isn’t it?

Something is missing, isn’t it?

Anything can be arranged, can’t it?

Nothing can be seen, can it?

All of us are invited, aren’t we?

All of you are invited, aren’t you?

All of them are invited, aren’t they?

Either of you can join, can’t you?

Neither of you can do it, can you?

None of us was present there, were we?

I am going to meet her, aren’t I?

I am not going there, am I?

I am your friend, aren’t I?

I am not your friend, am I?

She need not come here, need she?

She doesn’t need your help, does she?

They need my assistance, don’t they?

She used to go to temple, didn’t she?

He used to smoke, didn’t he?

They didn’t use to go to temple, did they?


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