How to use ‘Ever’ in a sentence?

1) Ever is used in the sense of ‘at any time’ as an adverb in the negative and Interrogative sentence; as

Nothing ever happens in this village.

Have you ever been to Nepal?

2) Ever is used after the comparative degree or superlative degree; as,

He is crying louder than ever. (Comparative)

This is the best picture I have ever seen. (Superlative)

3) Ever is used in the sense of ‘at any time before now / then’ with the verb in Present Perfect Tense or Past Perfect Tense; as,

She is the one of the most beautiful girls I have ever met.

It’s one of the nicest houses that I have ever seen.

4) Ever is used after the Interrogative words; as,

whatever (Adj) – any or every; anything or everything

Whatever problems you face, you must discuss them with the H.R. 

whatever (Pron) – Everything or anything that; no matter what

The thief stole everything whatever he could lay his hands on. 

whatsoever (Adj) – anything or everything

Whatsoever happens, you will keep your mouth shut. 

wherever (Pron) – at , in or to every place or point which; where

Wherever she went, she was rejected. 

wherever (Conj) – in, to or at whatever place

They went wherever they could. 

wherever (Adv) – no matter where

I will go wherever she takes me. 

wheresoever (Conj) – in, to or at whatever place

She was with the guide wheresoever he took her along. 

whenever (Conj) at every or anytime that; when

Rajesh calls me whenever he visits to Badlapur. 

whenever (Adv) no matter when

You can meet them whenever. They won’t cancel the appointment. 

whensoever (conj/adv) at every or any time that; when; no matter when

You can drive that car whensoever you feel driving on Expressway. 

whichever (adj/pro) any (one, two, etc; out of several)

Whichever items you had bought yesterday, I saw them online at a cheaper rate. 

whoever (pron) – any person who; no matter who

Please deliver this parcel whoever you meet tomorrow. 

whomsoever (Pron) – any person who; no matter who

This application was addressed as: Whomsoever it may concern.

however (adv) by whatever means; now matter how

You need to complete that work today however you can. 

howsoever (Adv) by whatever means; no matter how; still,

Shyam needs to contact Ravi howsoever. He must inform Ravi about the test today. 

however (Conj) still, nevertheless; on the other hand, yet

She was blind, however; she can walk fast without any walking stick. 

5) Ever is also used in the sense of ‘at all times’, ‘always’ in the following phrases; as,
forever – She will remember your love forever. 
ever after – They lived happily married ever after.
Ever since – Ever since I saw you, I feel love. 
Yours ever (generally used at the end of the letter)

6) Sometimes ‘ever’ is used in the sense of ‘at all times’, ‘always’.
Evergreen trees
His ever-loving wife
His ever-open mouth
An ever-increasing debt


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