Types of Prepositions.

Prepositions may be arranged in the following classes:


1) Simple Prepositions:

At, By, For, From, In, Of, Off, On, Out, Through, Till, To, Up, With.



2) Compound Prepositions: Which are generally formed by prefixing a preposition (usually a = no or be = by) to a Noun, an Adjective or an Adverb.


About, Above, Across, Along, Admidst, Among, Amongst, Around, Before, Behind, Below, Beneath, Beside, Between, Beyond, Inside, Outside, Underneath, Within, Without.


3) Phrase Prepositions: Group of words used with the force of a single preposition.


according to

along with

away from

because of

by means of

by reason of

by virtue of

by way of

for the sake of

in accordance with

in addition to

on behalf of

in case of

in comparison to

in consequence of

in course of

in favour of

in front of

in order to

in place of

in reference to

in regard to

in spite of

instead of

in the event of

on account of

with a view to

with reference to

with regard to


Examples are as follows:


1)  According to the recent survey, more than a hundred people died in the stampede. 

2) In case of need, phone 8888-898-001

3) By virtue of power vested in me, I hereby order…

4) In consequence of his illness he could not finish the work in time.

5) Owing to his ill health, he retired from business.

6) With reference to your letter of date, we regret we cannot allow any further rebate.

7) In order to avoid absenteeism, he attended all the sessions.

8) In course of time he saw his mistake.

9) He died fighting on behalf of his country.

10) On behalf of the staff he read the address.

11) He scored good marks in spite of difficulties.

12) In the event of his dying without an issue, his nephew would inherit the whole property.

13) Instead of talking, prove your worth by doing something.

14) He acted according to my instructions.

15) Why don’t you go along with your brother?

16) There is a big house in front of his house.

17) By means of rope ladders, they scaled the wall.

18) For the sake of their livelihood, most of the North Indians and South Indians emigrated to Mumbai.

19) In course of his researches he met with many difficulties.

20) He abdicated the throne in favour of his eldest son.

21) He could not attend school because of his father’s serious illness.

22) On account of his negligence the company suffered a heavy loss.





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