A respectful beginning on 17th March, 2013. And it soon become the Best English Speaking Institute in Badlapur, know how?

The Linguist English Speaking Institute was started as The Linguist Verbal English Institute Opposite Adarsh School, near Badlapur Nagar Palika. Badlapur – (East) 421503

The Linguist English Speaking Institute is all about improving Spoken English. We understand the grasping power of a student and design a schedule. Hence, our teaching begins from the learners’ perspective and not from the trainer’s or syllabus’s perspective.

Teaching English speaking to students is simply an art and we have already mastered over it.

This Institute is dedicated to enhance the confidence of students because when it comes to English Speaking, people normally are scared of their speech. We assist them to build their confidence and ask them to speak only in English.

This type of environment actually helps them to develop a habit of speaking in English, which of course is very important

Grammar comes next to it. Since grammar is considered the soul of any language, we teach them as per their grasping level. Grammar is not only taught here but we also ask our students to use it while speaking.

We don’t focus on the qualification of a student; however, we try to understand the way the students are comfortable in improving their spoken English. As it is always said, improving English does not depend on age factor; however, it depends upon how much a student learns and practices. Anyone who is between 5 years to 70 years old can join our institute and learn to speak in English fluently.

We, here at the Linguist, conduct all the language skills: reading and writing, speaking and listening, and to develop knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. Students joining these English courses are assessed right since the Day 1 and we ensure that they speak correctly and fluently at the end of every course.

We offer morning, afternoon and evening batches till 10 pm as per the time flexibility of a student. Two hours of daily lessons guarantee effective learning; for more information make an enquiry, follow the link.


 Understanding students’ weaknesses and analyzing their capabilities is very important when it comes to developing fluency in spoken English. Lecturing communicative skills in English is different from teaching English as a subject.

Here, at The Linguist, we train people to speak in English. Most of the lectures are based and concentrated upon the language usage. We give example of how a person learns his or her mother tongue. The study material is not in a form of books; however, they are in a form of documents. Whenever a student finishes one set of document, we proceed ahead with next printed document to increase their difficulty level.

The fundamental part of learning a language is usually taken into consideration here. This is how we train the learners to pick up English quickly and effectively. The Linguist also provides several multi-media options (through Whatsap and Facebook pages) in making its trainees acquire communicative English in a way that is entertaining and effective. Based on my experience, I, with my team of The Linguist have designed the study material, which is the strength of The Linguist English Speaking Institute and the success formula that The Linguist became the Best English Speaking Institute in badlapur and near by area