‘Examples of Off’

Examples of Off Back off! Cool off! Hands off. Get off me. Come off it. Shut it off. Shyam ran off. Turn it off. He dozed off. Hey, lay off. I’m off duty. Knock it off. Ram took off. Call them off. Switch it off. She moved off.  Turn that off. Turn this off. We […]

Various Expressions (Part 2)

Various Expressions (Part 2) Expressions used to show anger Shame on you. You are too clever.  You are cunning guy / fellow.  Don’t try to be over smart.  You should be ashamed of yourself. I haven’t seen a mean fellow like you.  Don’t teach me, I was not born yesterday.  How dare you speak to […]

Various Expressions (Part 1)

Expressions used for Making Request Give me your pen sir. Will you lend me your pen sir? Can you lend me your pen sir? Might I borrow your car? Would you lend me your car? Please give me your eraser. Use of Would and Could for expressing request. Would you deposit my application at the […]


FOLLOWING ARE THE DIFFERENT CLASSES OF ADJECTIVES: Adjectives of Quality / Descriptive Adjectives:  It shows the kind or a quality of a person, animal or any thing.  For example:  Mumbai is a large city. Our peon is an honest man.  The foolish old woman tried to steal.        2. Adjectives of Quantity.  It […]

Use of “am / is / are” in conversations.

Basic English Lesson! Use of “am / is / are” in conversations.  I am an engineer.  This is a motorcycle.  This is a scooter.  That is the Taj hotel.  This is our house.  That is also our house.  His name is Ram.  This is my aunt.  That is a girl. This is a chair. This […]

Different uses of ‘Over’

The word OVER can be used as in a number of ways as a preposition, adjective or adverb. Let’s take a look at some of its more basic uses: over for a ‘higher position’ Above or higher than something else, sometimes when one thing covers the other: ‘The plane flew over the city’ over as ‘across’ […]

Emphatic Tenses!

Emphatic Tenses.   Emphatic means saying something forcibly and clearly. Emphatic tenses gives more stress on the expressions. There are three different sentences which use Emphatic expression.  Simple Present Tense: He does attend the class regularly.  (Singular) They do practise very hard every Saturday and Sunday.  (Plural)         2. Simple Past Tense: […]

Some common idioms

List of some uncommon idiomatic expressions. 1) A bolt from the blue / A bolt out of the blue This expression is used to refer to a sudden and unexpected event. 2) Have shot your bolt When you have shot your bolt, you have done everything possible but still not succeeded. 3) Make a bolt […]

6 Rules of ‘Over’.

Over:  Rule 1:  Over is used in the sense of ‘resting on the surface of somebody/ something and completely covering them.’ Examples:  Please spread the cloth over the table.                      She put a blanket over the sleeping child.                 […]

To and Too

We are often confused while using ‘TO’ and ‘TOO’ in a sentence. Let’s try to understand both in simple ways with examples.  To: (Preposition) 1)  A preposition of movement. I will take my bike to a service center.  He may visit to hospital tomorrow.  She goes to school everyday.  2) It says about the end […]